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Phone:  1(403)276-9505
  Note – this is a local Calgary number, which will ring in Mexico or wherever we are.  It’s also a Vonage number, which means if you are a Vonage customer you can call us for free.

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Below is our mailing address.  This is a permanent address, and mail will be forwarded to us from here.  However, please note that it may take several weeks to reach us (in the case of parcels, it could be many months!).  Please give us a call if you’d like another option. :)

Mr and Mrs Jim Cottrill
c/o Camino Global
PO Box 92061
2900 Warden Avenue
Toronto, ON  M1W 3Y8


Mr and Mrs Jim Cottrill
c/o Camino Global
8625 La Prada Dr
Dallas, TX  75228