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"A man's heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps."

~Proverbs 16:9~

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I was recently asked a question about finding news, and so I thought I'd include a quick page here with some of the most helpful news resources I've come across on the web over the past few years.

Top News Channels - News from a British perspective - News from a Canadian perspective - News from an American perspective

Top News Summaries/Search - This website goes a long way toward being unbiased, at least geographically, by summarizing the world's news sources, and not just sources from the "West".  Excellent. - If you're searching for a specific story, you're likely to find it by searching many news sources at
Yahoo! News - Yahoo! has an excellent summary of a wide variety of news stories, including health, world, odd news, and much more.  Better yet, if you sign up for a My Yahoo! account (free) you can customize exactly what news you want to see, and how many headlines from each (ie 3 headlines of Canadian news, 2 of baseball news, your town's weather forecast).  You can also search for news stories, and get news alerts via email or mobile device.
Google News - Google takes on another challenge with their new and already popular news service.  There are several local feeds available (ie Canada, Spain), searching about 4500 news sources.

Top Christian Newsletters
Mission Network News - MNN broadcasts on the radio, has an online summary, and also sends news stories to your inbox.  An excellent summary of world mission news, however it is weakened by the fact that organizations must pay before their news can be included.  MNN has several formats now - if you use mozilla or Netscape you can include headlines in your sidebar.
Today's Family News - From the Canadian Focus on the Family, find out what is happening in the government that may relate to the family.
Brigada Today - News and resources related to the Church's mission all over the world.  Not just news!

Other Christian News Sources
I'm not as familiar with these, but I include them for your interest:
Maranatha Christian Journal - This website has been around for years.  American focus, but includes plenty of world news.  Nice quick loading summary page.  

Breakpoint - This website from Prison Fellowship Ministries is certainly not just about prisons.  An American organization, but contains a very wide variety of interesting articles and features.
Bible Network News - As featured on our website, the news is not as fresh as some sources but has a good variety of stories. - Another American Christian portal with a good news section.

Search for news right here!
Type whatever you're looking for, select a source and go!

Other stuff...
Today's Front Pages - See the current front pages from newspapers in 39 countries
Press Display - read current newspapers from around the world in their printed format (free registration required)

If you would like to suggest another excellent news source, drop us a line.

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