Notes about Notes from the Cottrills February 2007

This newsletter was a paper-only version, so it's not available online.  However, I thought you might be interested to know what the pictures on the curve were all about.  Here's a list, and you may be able to see some of them in our photo album.

  • Nathanael hanging from the monkey bars at a playground in Cuernavaca
  • A pizza hut in Puebla, with motorcycles out front for the delivery people
  • Tamale shop in Cuernavaca
  • Pastor Servin speaking at our church
  • Nathanael in our yard after a hail storm
  • Friends from our church at a party in November
  • Some of Jim's classmates, and his teacher.  Antoine, Kent, Alejandra (teacher) and Jule
  • Cathedral built on top of a pyramid in Cholula
  • A city bus in Cuernavaca
  • An ancient carving in Cholula
  • Poinsettias in our yard
  • Hannah with Bubbles the clown (who moonlights as a CAM missionary)
  • Our lime tree
  • Hannah with friends at church
  • Nathanael and Hannah at the pyramid at Cholula

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