How To Take A Shower (at our house)

by Jim on 11 February 2016

Sometimes you get so used to things, you don’t realize what you’re actually going through. But even though you don’t realize it, it just may still cause stress.

Today I decided to see if I could make a flow chart about all the issues we have first thing in the morning when we want to take a shower. I’m not talking about checking to see if I remembered to buy soap (which I did, by the way). No, our morning routine is complicated in other ways.

So here it is. Click the image to see the larger pdf version (which will be a lot easier to read).

(By the way, everything on the chart is accurate and has happened, usually quite often. In fact, three of these issues happened today alone, which perhaps is why I have it on my mind!)

Cottrill Shower Flowchart

A lot of these things, of course, are related to cooking a meal, doing the laundry, dishes… but don’t make me do anymore charts. Sometimes it’s better not to know! 😉

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