Mid-November Mania

by Jim on 16 November 2016

Laura and ShariLast Tuesday we travelled to the north part of the city to celebrate a 15th birthday party with our friend Laura. Yes, Shari made the cake, and we enjoyed some Chinese food (P.F. Chang’s). Too short a visit, but a good time.

Last week 3 of the 4 interns who come each weekend were here for the whole week, so the Frys kept them pretty busy. They spent a lot of time in public schools here, Junior High Schools, where they shared about values and God with about 2700 students (yes, you read that right!).

On Friday night we had a really good study with a woman we’re just getting to know. We read about how Jesus calmed the storm.

On Saturday there was a youth event, and a few of the youth from the public schools came, and showed interest in spiritual things.

Saturday morning, the weekly kids’ club. I think there were over 20 kids there – it’s been growing every week!

On Sunday we had our second service in Las Palmas. This week, due to a conflicting event at the party hall, we had rented another room in the neighbourhood. But no one was there to let us in! After many phone calls, someone finally came 15 minutes after the service was supposed to start!

Locked out!

Locked out before Sunday service #2

In spite of getting in a little late, we had a good service. I preached about the gospel from Paul’s discussion of Abraham in Romans 4 (thanks to those who prayed!).

Today, the first day after our first 10 years in Mexico, I did homeschool with the kids, and sent many of you our newsletter (let us know if you’d like to get one!).

Aside from these things, there are a lot of background things we’re working on, which are keeping us busy. There are more activities coming up on the weekend — and a wedding, in fact!

Oh, by the way – if you’d like to see a few recent pictures of what’s been going on, I just uploaded a whole bunch to our Recent Shots… album.

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