A Month of Short Term Teams (and how to pray)

by Jim on 9 June 2017

Today 28 people will be arriving in Ixtapaluca, to be involved in the ministry here. This will begin a month of short-term MANIA, featuring 3 different teams.

The first team to come is from Mt Calvary Church in Elizabethtown, PA, Rod‘s home area. This church sent a team last year (pictured below doing an evangelistic skit at a public junior high school). Also coming to check out the ministry here are Phil and Jessie, from Kansas. 13 Mexican families have generously agreed to host people from this team.

Mt Calvary in Ixtapaluca 2016If you know us, you know that we believe in short term missions. Ever since the itinerant ministry of many of the Apostles, God has used short term missionaries. And we’ve been blessed by the fruit of short term teams. There are many in our churches who are there because of short term ministry in cooperation with long term ministry.

So how can you pray for us and for these teams coming over the next 30 days? Here are some ideas:

  • Pray that there would be a real connection between team members, teams and missionaries, teams and local believers, and believers and unbelievers. This means true unity in the Spirit among believers of whatever culture, and an opportunity for those believers to share Christ with unbelievers.
  • Pray for health and strength. Some days can be pretty intense, and serving in a tropical country always has special health challenges. Pray for missionaries, host families, and team members. And pray that God would show His strength in us, even when we’re weak.
  • Pray for humility and open-mindedness, and the ability to listen. We all need to serve one another and serve the Lord, and learn from one another, even when our first reaction toward someone or something is overly judgmental.
  • Pray that we would grow to be more like Christ, and that people would see Him in us.
  • Pray that we as believers would remember to turn to God in prayer, and turn to His Word, when we need help (and when we think we don’t!).
  • Pray for long term results. First, that people would come to know the Lord, that new friends would be made, and that local believers would grow. Also pray for short term team members, that this time would be a part of long term growth, and a new vision for service in their churches, in their communities, and in the world.

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Gram June 9, 2017 at 11:38 pm

Excellent items for prayer!!

Good words in brackets here: “Pray that we as believers would remember to turn to God in prayer, and turn to His Word, when we need help (AND WHEN WE THINK WE DON’T!).” Because we can’t do anything without Him, right?

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