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Organize Your Prayer Life in 2018 (it’s not as hard as you think)

27 December 2017 Computers and internet

Everybody has their special strategy for their prayer life. Or – wait – no, they don’t! And even if we do, we don’t always stick to it. But prayer really is an important part of our service as believers. So let me share an idea or two that I’ve found useful. For many years I […]

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Renewed by God’s Goodness (Sunday and a new week)

18 December 2017 Devotional and Bible

Frankly, we’re glad that last week is over. It’s what I would call in Spanish, una semana tremenda. A tremendous week. Health issues. Financial issues. It was crazy. But we started off this week on better footing, with a great service in Las Palmas. Rod started with a great lesson about salvation. It’s not easy […]

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The Day of the Dead, Coco, and the Bible

1 November 2017 Devotional and Bible

The Hallowe’en/Days of the Dead celebrations are in full swing here in Mexico. And immigration and media are bringing the celebrations to the world, like never before. In 2015, the James Bond movie Spectre opened with a huge Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City – a parade that didn’t exist until the movie […]

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Juan Pérez de Pineda

30 October 2017 Devotional and Bible

Yesterday I preached at our church, and I used a quote from a reformer that you may not know – a reformer from Spain, Juan Pérez de Pineda. Pérez was actually quite the interesting guy. He lived in Seville along with Casiodoro de Reina and Cipriano de Valera, best known for the translation which now […]

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What You and Your Missionary Have in Common

18 July 2017 Devotional and Bible

As we listened to and talked to many short term missionaries over the summer, I was reminded again of the fact that we are all in this together, and that we all have the same challenge to face. Sure, we all have different lives, but it’s the hard thing that we all have to do […]

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Finishing 45 Bible Studies …

15 July 2017 Devotional and Bible

Last night we finished up a series of 45 Bible studies. We did the Chronological Bible Study (15 lessons) and then Discovering Life (15 lessons) and Discovering Life 2 (15 lessons). No one has been there for all of them – but I think everyone has learned a little something. 🙂 We actually spent two […]

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