Building UP!

by Jim on 21 October 2014

Building the second floor

Look up!

Here’s the building we meet in on Sunday.  But do you notice something different?  That’s right – a second floor!

After the most recent robberies of the property, we knew we had to do something drastic.  So here it is.

Actually, this was already a part of the plan, but it wasn’t what we were planning to build next.

But the plan was changed.  We’re building rooms and bathrooms up there.  The purpose of the bathrooms should be obvious.  The rooms can be used for meetings and also to house visitors.

Or – perhaps for the time being, to actually house a family.

The idea is to have someone there at night, so that no one can sneak in.  So it looks like one of our church families will be moving in, which will help them and help all of us.

Up the ladder

So the hired workers have been working madly to get the job done.

The property actually doesn’t have permanent bathrooms yet, so these will be the first.  Of course, there’s still a minor detail – we still don’t have water hooked up yet.  We’re trying, really we are.

Thanks again to all who have given to the Ixtapaluca Project.  The funds have been a huge help, especially now when the need is so urgent.  And we’re not quite done the project yet – we’ve raised about 90% so far.  If you’d like to help, visit this page.

The most important work, of course, is the people!  Please keep praying that we would be faithful to God’s calling to share His Word and His love.  There are many challenges and struggles, many of which I can’t write about here.  But our Lord is faithful, and powerful, and He holds us in His hands!


Today we’re heading to the city of Pachuca, north east of Mexico City, for a meeting with our team of Camino Global missionaries.

I’ll be sharing a bit about some of the things we talked about at our meetings in Honduras.

When I was in Honduras, I actually made a bit of a presentation about our team as a part of a Mexico presentation.  As I thought about it again on the weekend, I realized again what an interesting team we have.

We are involved in a huge number of very different ministries.  And we’re serving in three different cities, and four different locations.

And if I estimate correctly, here’s where our team members are from…

Our Team

We’re also married and single, no children, with children, and empty-nesters.  Our meetings are bilingual.  We’re also multi-generational.

So for all our faults, it is pretty cool what a variety of people we have on our team.

And then if you add the people we’re actually working with on a local level, it gets even more interesting.  That would bring us to a wide group of people, majority Mexican, from a variety of churches and mission agencies.

And in this global world in which we live, that’s what teams are going to look like more and more.  And it’s a very challenging thing, but a great thing, because that’s what the Church is.


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