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by Jim on 20 May 2017


A Verified Vehicle

by Jim on 16 May 2017

It took the better part of yet another day. And there were many more strange and bizarre adventures as I talked to many different officials.

And I’m just not going to waste your time with all the details.

But at the end of the day (yesterday), we had a verified vehicle. With license plates.

Vehicle VerificationSo what does that mean? That means that after three and a half months of no van, we now have a vehicle that we can drive every day (unless there’s an unusual level of pollution – sometimes the government adds special restrictions).

Praise the Lord!

We’ll be trying to get the van back into good shape before the short term teams start arriving – in 3 weeks and 3 days!

I kind of feel like I need some driver’s training to remember how to drive. But Shari says it’s “just like riding a bike”. 🙂


Retro: Birthday Bugs

13 May 2017 Family

Ten years ago today – Hannah and Nathanael had their first birthday party in Mexico. Considering the plethora of new bugs where we lived in Cuernavaca, it was appropriate that the theme was – bugs! Or – small creatures, anyway. I realize that neither caterpillars nor spiders are technically “bugs”. 🙂

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Thanks for praying! (No, really.)

12 May 2017 Ministry glimpses

I don’t always report back properly after asking you to pray – but then again, here on earth we only see a fraction of the results of your prayers! For example, we had an excellent weekend with Renacidos. New people were connected to the community of believers, and many many people heard the gospel. I […]

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We have Licence Plates! But….

10 May 2017 Practical matters

Oh, aren’t we negative. Just when we should be jumping up and down and celebrating, we have to add that nasty, negative “but”. Some people’s children. Well, first of all, yes, we are thankful to have licence plates! I spent the better part of 3 days, this week alone, in long lines and interesting conversations […]

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Jim’s Recent Tweets…

6 May 2017 Twitter

Jim’s tweets from 29-04-2017 to 05-05-2017:

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