Between Two Teams

by Jim on 22 June 2017

Our remaining time with the team from Mt Calvary went well. There were lots of other fun activities. For one, the women promoted and joined a craft class hosted by the church in Santa Barbara. Here are a few of them – they were making pretty greeting cards.

Crafts - Santa BárbaraAlso, we continued with evangelistic events, where we providing hearing aids and reading glasses to people who needed them, along with sharing the gospel. Here’s the team singing in front of a large crowd in the town of Río Frío (also in the municipality of Ixtapaluca).

Mt Calvary in Río FríoThe next team arrives tomorrow, so I’ll be heading downtown with them, Lord willing. Shari and Hannah will be teaching the adults and kids back here in Ixtapaluca at our regular Friday evening study.

This team will be starting their ministry on Saturday, and I’ll be preaching on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, Nathanael and I will be heading out with the team to the State of Veracruz. I’m mainly going to help with transportation, and there was just enough room for one more small person, so Nathanael is squeezing in too.

The team will be involved in ministry in various areas in the state.

Here’s a photo of some of the people who took a similar trip a few years back. Some of the same people will be there this time.

On the ferry in VeracruzWe’ll be gone until Thursday, the team flies Friday, and the next team comes Saturday. And so it continues!


Christ’s love for the lost was celebrated in the old song The Ninety and Nine, written by a loving sister in the hope that her brother had been saved before his death. It was put to music after her death by the famous musician Ira D. Sankey.

It seems like many songs celebrate what we do for Christ, and maybe what He has done in general for us. But the highly personal, passionate nature of this song is rare.

If you’re a fan of men’s choirs, you may enjoy the rendition below (audio only). For more reflections on the song, see my Dad’s article: The Ninety and Nine


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