Life Late in August 2016

by Jim on 23 August 2016

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve heard an unusual amount of silence lately! Well, part of the problem is our internet service – lack of, that is.

Our internet company is rebranding as “IZZI”. Which means everyone with the company is migrating over to new service plans.

On the 8th of August, an IZZI technician came to our house to install our new service. “It will all turn on and be working sometime this afternoon”, he promised.

Over two weeks later, contacting 12 IZZI representatives, with 4 appointments for a tech to come visit made, and then postponed by the company, we’re left with no phone service and only a trickle of internet service, which goes off and on constantly. Sometimes we can load a page – other times, nothing.

Appointment #5 is for next week.

So this has complicated life in many unexpected ways.

On top of that, some health issues in the family over the past few weeks have added to changes in the schedule.

But it’s not all bad. Ministry has continued. Preaching, Bible studies, and preparing for upcoming ministry.

Construction continues on the sanctuary in Jesús María. Every week we have a new obstacle course to manoeuvre. Visitors on crutches or in wheelchairs have an interesting time being hoisted and carried over mounds of dirt and half-finished walls!

I’ve enjoyed visiting with some of the other missionaries who are on our Camino team in other cities. It’s been great to hear about what the Lord is doing – and challenging to hear about the struggles they face!

And now the fall is coming fast, isn’t it? Stores here are already preparing for Christmas. We’re getting ready for another year of school, and fall ministry.

But first, we’re looking forward to a few days of family time, hanging out one of our favourite cities – Mexico City, of course!

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This month I’m doing something different. Instead of a picture, I have a video from 10 years ago today, of Grandpa Winger reading to Nathanael.

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