Heading South

by Jim on 23 July 2014

You’ll be glad to hear – our van is fixed!  I haven’t gotten into the whole story here, and I’m not going to now…

However, the current news is that we’re heading south today – driving, driving, driving, on our way back home to Mexico!

As always, we would appreciate your prayers as we travel.  If we don’t talk to you before then – Lord willing we’ll blog next from Mexico City!


In a Fix?

by Jim on 12 July 2014

Some of you have following bits of our latest “van adventure” on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s a veeeerrrrrrryyyyy long story.  So I’m not going to get into all of it here – at least, not for the time being.

So here’s the short version.  We had some van trouble while visiting friends in the USA.  We did our best to make wise decisions, got the council of other people, prayed, discussed, and proceeded to get it checked out and then fixed.

Or perhaps I should say, “fixed”.

Thinking we would be leaving the state on Monday, four (VERY expensive) days later, we were still in it.  The van is now … “fixed” … enough to drive.  So far so good.  But are things really fixed?  Actually, we seem to have one or two problems that we didn’t have when we took the vehicle in to the mechanic!

I know, that raises all kinds of questions in your mind, and seriously, if we could sit down face to face I’d tell you the whole story.

Meanwhile, we’re taking some MUCH NEEDED days off, for physical and spiritual refreshment, assuming our van gets us to our destination.

So excuse me – I’ll be away for a while.  I just wanted to make sure you weren’t completely left in suspense.  Yes, we’re on the road again.  At the moment.  The story is not over, and I don’t know how it ends.


Ministry, Practical Matters, and Great News

8 July 2014 Prayer and Praise

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What I Saw in Ottawa (and why I’ve been thinking about it ever since)

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In Iraq, a country again torn apart by war, many government representatives walked out of parliament and didn’t return, refusing even to meet together. Ukraine’s capital is ordering fighter jets and artillery to attack targets within their own country – if it still is their own. The capital of Nigeria is preparing for a possible […]

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