Yes, we’re going to start driving north.  We would appreciate your prayers – for strength and health, for a vehicle that works, for smooth sailing through check-points and borders, and for good visits with friends and family.

I estimate that, Lord willing, 7 days from now we will have driven almost 4000km (2500mi).  Let the games begin.

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Easter Egg Hunt 2014 (pics and video)

12 April 2014 Ministry glimpses

We had a great turn-out for the Easter Egg Hunt today at the community centre in Jesús María – we think about 250 people.  We started by dipping some eggs in dye and icing some cookies (although I think some kids iced some eggs and dipped their cookies in the dyes), and then there was […]

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A look at the next couple of weeks…

9 April 2014 Ministry glimpses

As usual there’s a lot going on!  We would certainly appreciate your prayers for the next couple of weeks… Over the next couple of days, the semester at the community centre is wrapping up.  Today and tomorrow there are regular classes – and then tomorrow evening will be the big closing event (more on these special […]

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