Earthquake – February 2018

by Jim on 19 February 2018

On Friday Shari and Hannah had just left for the women’s conference in Jesús María when the 7.2 magnitude quake was felt here in Ixtapaluca. It was certainly a good shake, lasting around 2 minutes.

Thankfully, no new damage in our house that we can see, although it did cause one or two temporary leaks in our bathroom.

Then the power went out for a couple of hours, along with cell phone service.

Thankfully, as far as we know no one was killed in the quake, although more homes in the state of Oaxaca (where the epicentre was) were damaged.

About an hour later, an aftershock hit, just slightly felt where we live.

Just before 1am this morning, we felt another aftershock, this one magnitude 5.9.

Earthquakes and Aftershocks 4.5+ in the last 7 days

Earthquakes and Aftershocks 4.5+ in the last 7 days (orange from today)
Courtesy USGS

So – I could use some sleep, but otherwise everyone is fine here.

That being said, continue to pray for people whose homes have been damaged/destroyed. And also for those who continue to be fearful. It’s high stress when the ground keeps moving, but all the more when you have no Solid Rock to hold onto.

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