We had a great day on Sunday – six baptisms at Path of Life Bible Church Jesús María (Iglesia Bíblica Sendero de Vida Jesús María)!

I could say a lot of things about the day and the people, but let me just mention a couple of things that will be of interest to most of our readers outside the country.

First, the baptisms were in our new sanctuary – at least, where our new sanctuary will be! They were still outside, in a pool, but this time we were on a cement floor with obvious signs of construction all around us. 🙂

Every person has their unique story. One of the women who was baptized came to the Lord through the kids’ club in August, which is cool. She’s been coming to Sunday services and we’ve just started to get to know her.

Anyway, it was pretty exciting to see these people taking this step of obedience to the Lord. We’re looking forward to seeing what God does in days and years ahead!

Here are a few minutes of clips so you can see what it was like:


Retro: Slugs

by Jim on 26 September 2016

Back in September 2006 I posted a vlog featuring Hannah and Nathanael talking about slugs. Unfortunately, some of those old videos are no longer working because of the platform I was using at the time.

But – good news! The video is back! Here they are, coming to you from ten years ago today, in Cochrane, Alberta Canada…


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Tweets 10-21 September 2016

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Tweets 29 August – 8 September 2016

10 September 2016 Twitter

If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame. 💡 ~Proverbs 18:13~ (29 August 2016) Cool – “Explorers find 2nd oldest confirmed shipwreck in Great Lakes” (article and video) ow.ly/zZT5303kcKY (31 August 2016) ♥ slow cookers. They give you the olfactory feeling that someone is cooking with loving care all […]

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