It’s been a pretty interesting week! I won’t go into all the details, but there have been some interesting opportunities to share the gospel, and some new connections and contacts that may lead to new opportunities in the future.

We still have some van repairs to take care of – Lord willing that will happen tomorrow.

Tonight is study #8 in the Chronological Bible Study – the tabernacle and sacrifices. Learning about the sacrifices always opens my eyes anew to many important truths in the Scriptures.

Anyway, all that aside, I wanted to ask for prayer for Sunday. We’ll be going to a church about 45 minutes from here (on our side of Mexico City, so not too far). Lord willing we’ll spend the day there, hanging out with the believers and also helping out with an afternoon English class.


“a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul”

In the morning I’ll be repeating the Hebrews “sermon”. Well, maybe I shouldn’t really put “sermon” in quotation marks, but it’s the sermon where I read Hebrews – the entire book – word for word. I did this back in February (see here for details).

(It’s not just a matter of reading it, of course. There is a handout with questions for reflection, and a PowerPoint with the verses that the author quotes from the OT, with a few other illustrations).

Hebrews is just an amazing book. I think every culture and time has Bible books that are especially relevant – although all of Scripture is relevant and needs to be taught cover-to-cover in every culture and in every age. But Hebrews is one of the books I keep coming back to over and over here in the context of modern Mexico. It keeps shining more light into my soul every time I read it and study it.

Anyway, do pray that God would especially use His Word and make it clear on Sunday. It takes almost an hour to read the whole book (apparently that’s about the normal length of a sermon in this church, so that helps!). Obviously in that time it’s easy to lose your voice, energy, or limber tongue to make the Spanish understandable. 🙂

But most of all pray that people will listen, and that the Spirit will work in our hearts.

Now – time to get ready for tonight’s study (which actually is very important to our understanding of Hebrews as well!).


Below are a few odd clips from Hannah’s Quinceañera. I’m afraid they’re very odd, because we had some technical difficulties. So the majority of the actual program was not recorded.

We were very thankful for so many who graciously helped us put this party together. People cooking, setting up, cleaning, running sound, playing instruments, making banners, sharing in the program – the list just goes on and on. And, of course, we were blessed and honoured by the people who attended (about 115 people). AND – thanks for so many of you who were praying for the event!

We were especially thankful for the many wise words shared in the program. The gospel was clear, and there were other words of exhortation – not just for Hannah but for all of us. We were thankful to see the Lord glorified. Hannah did a great job, doing a lot of the planning. She chose some great music for worship, among many other details.

If you haven’t seen them already, there are lots of pictures in our Photo Gallery.

In the video you’ll see Hannah’s entrance and the introduction to the program, then some clips of people hanging out before the meal (with Hannah & friends handing out favours), the meal, and the cutting of the cake with the singing of some birthday songs.


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