I just got back from a small town in the State of Mexico. Quite a few of us went from the churches here with supplies, including medications, clothes, water, food, diapers, toilet paper, and so on. I took some video for you.

Earthquake Relief - Mexico StateIt was hard to get many pictures to really show you the damage. You could see some walls that had crumbled a bit, but the real damage was inside the houses. Quite a few people in this town had homes that were more or less destroyed on the inside.

The first family I spoke to were sleeping in their car. Their home, which was also their business, was more or less unlivable. You’ll see the outside of one wall at the beginning of the video below, but I didn’t take any pictures of the inside to respect their privacy.

Even parts of the road as we drove in were collapsed, or badly cracked.

We were able to give out the supplies in a fairly organized way. The nice thing was that the people of the town were already gathered, and we actually had time to talk to many of them.

So we tried to give some encouragement, pray with people, share the gospel, give out some tracts and Bibles, along with the other items. People were very open to talking – which is a bit unusual when a bunch of strangers show up in a small town around here.

Pray for these people, and so many like them, who have lost so much. Towns like this are far from the resources that we have closer to us. It will take them a long time to rebuild.

If you would like to help, you can give through this link to help us directly. You can also keep praying. Thanks so much to those of have contacted us with your encouragement.

And now, here’s the video from this evening:


Mexico Earthquake: How You Can Help

by Jim on 20 September 2017

Quick Update on what we’re doing today and how you can help…

These are dirty shovels.Hi everyone. *Phew* — after the relative quiet of yesterday (except for the radio), the beeps and buzzes of notifications are almost constant as we communicate with people about the earthquake and various relief efforts.

Later hopefully I’ll have some time to tell some of the stories of the past few hours. But for now, I will say that the churches here are trying to help wherever possible, and as wisely as possible. We’re trying to find places close to help. Many were already serving last night, and many more are heading out today.

This afternoon/evening, Lord willing, I’ll be going with people from the three churches here in Ixtapaluca to a town about an hour away. We’ll be bringing medicine, food, and other supplies, and bringing encouragement where we can.

People from our church are gathering supplies right now to donate.

There are many small towns around that have been hard hit that we’re not even aware of yet. Obviously there is a lot of news coverage – and rightly so – on Mexico City. But we need to get help to everyone.

Meanwhile, Shari will be getting together with people from our church for a prayer meeting. Not only do we need to pray for those in need, and for their salvation, we also need to gather to encourage one another and remind ourselves of the wonderful truths that we know from God’s Word.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying, and asking after us. We really appreciate it.

If you would like to help directly in another way, probably the quickest thing you could do would be to give to our community centre fund. You can give here: Ixtapaluca Community Centre.

Once you click “give now”, read the first part of the page and click again if you need to go to the Canada or US page.


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