Yep, that’s him . . .

by Jim on 6 April 2003

This house is filled with Aunts and Uncles and Cousins . . . ok, just one of each. But it all became a little more real when we drove through the blizzard to visit Jevon Kale Winger, the good lookin’ baby that belongs to Jeff (Shari’s brother) and Tracy Winger. He was born early Wednesday morning, 7lbs 11oz and 21.5″ tall. Congrats to them!! The verdict so far is that he looks like his Dad’s baby pictures, and I tend to agree but I haven’t seen any of Tracy’s.

The whole family is doing well (though all tired I’m sure!). They came home the following day and no doubt have been enjoying their time together. I’m hoping that some day very soon we’ll be able to have some pictures up for you, but I thought I’d better say something in the mean time!

This morning was a great morning. We had the opportunity to share in Sunday School at our home church and I got to teach the next in their series on Hebrews 11. This week we talked about the Passover and the crossing of the Red Sea. What an amazing story! God had this incredible plan that He had in mind for hundreds of years (forever, as I understand God!), but to the uninformed – the Jews trapped against the Red Sea – it must have looked pretty grim.

This morning was also the Ordination Service for our Youth Pastor, The Reverend Floyd Cotton. Congrats to Floyd! It’s been a long and challenging 3 years as he’s prepared for his ordination, but I think he’s done an excellent job. It’s great to have people like him at our church.

All in all, a great day.

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