Better or not, here we come…

by Jim on 29 October 2004

The van seems, for the time being, to be better (although there’s a windshield wiper issue which I simply will not get into here), and Shari’s neck is getting better, so this is a good thing.  So after some good visits with folks in Stouffville and Newmarket today, we’re ready to go madly off in all directions over the weekend.  I’ll be heading 681.1 km north to Cochrane, and then meeting with folks in Sudbury on the way back.  Shari will be visiting with some folks in southern Ontario.  And we’ll all meet together again on Monday night to compare notes.  We’ll try to drop by to say hello to you sometime next week.

I’m writing with Nathanael here beside me.  It’s a little distracting.  He likes to roll over now, scoot around a little.  His favourite word is “dlah” (no, we don’t know what it means either), and his favourite song is Meredith Willson’s 76 Trombones.  He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious.  No, we don’t know why.  But if we could tell what babies were thinking, we’d be geniuses, wouldn’t we?

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