Katrina, in Rita’s shadow…

by Jim on 21 September 2005

The people of the USA, and many more around the world, are holding their breath as Hurricane Rita swoops up towards Texas.  Now a category 5 (the highest category), it’s heading for Galveston, and will likely do damage and cause rains on areas to the north already hit by Katrina.  Galveston, along with other nearby parts of Texas, is the temporary home of refugees who still haven’t returned home after Katrina.  Now the few that were back in New Orleans are leaving again.

Meanwhile, I heard from Dan Wicher (the director of CAM International) this morning.  He wrote that “Steve Sywulka and Charlie Nelson are on site just outside New Orleans with Pat Davie inspecting the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and assessing how the mission can support the CAM-related churches and works in the area.”

CAM has also set up a new blog to keep us up to date about the relief efforts.  I’ll try to keep information here, but you if you have a news reader you can subscribe to their blog feed too (of course, you’re already subscribed to ours!) using this link:

To see the new website and new info there, visit the CAM Hurricane Katrina Relief site.

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