At the Zoo with the Poulettes

by Jim on 23 October 2007

Trying on sombreros at La Ciudadela
At La Ciudadela

So here’s the story.  Waaaay back in 2006, before we moved to Mexico, we saw a video of the Mexico City zoo (Chapultepec Zoo) on the blog of a family (the Poulette family) who lived in Mexico City.  I attempted my own video when we went to the Calgary Zoo.  Ever since we saw the Poulette’s video, we started talking about the zoo in Mexico City, and how we should go there someday.

This year the kids got some gift money from their Uncle Jeff, Aunt Tracy, and cousins Jevon and Ashlyn.  So we decided to use it for a trip there (the zoo is actually free, but there’s gas, parking, and paying for some exhibits) (thanks guys!).  So, we started making plans.

I thought it would be appropriate if we could actually go with the Poulette family.  They’re about our age, and have a boy named Nathan about a year younger than Nathanael.  We had never met them, only read their blog, but there’s always a first time!

So, Dennis Poulette and I arranged it via email.

We went to Mexico City on Friday, and hung around downtown.  We went to a market (La Ciudadela) for some Christmas shopping, visited a park, and ate at Pizza Hut.  🙂

Hannah and Nathanael with Nathan
Nathan, Nathanael and Hannah

The next day we headed over to the Chapultepec Zoo, which is also downtown.  We met up with Dennis, Janell and Nathan, and had a great time.

The zoo is definitly world-class, boasting over 2000 animals and beautiful exhibits.  It’s famous for its pandas, but there’s lots more to see.

I put some photos in our Photo Gallery, so check them out (right now they’re in our Recent shots… album).  I have some video too, but haven’t gotten it online.

Anyway, thanks to the Poulette family for hanging out with us!  It was great to get to know them in the "real world", though, as you can imagine, it’s hard to talk too much when you’re chasing kids the whole time.  But maybe we can do it again sometime!

Dennis and Janell work with Youth Ministry International in Mexico City.  They have a passion to train trainers – who can train youth workers in Mexico!  Check out their blog – The Poulette Family, and their video blog, Mexico Movies.  Here’s their post about the event.

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