A Mini Mexico City Documentary (video)

by Jim on 28 September 2010

Yes, another video!  Dennis Poulette pointed this one out in his post This is Mexico City.

It really is a pretty good video, because it shows both some of the big obvious sites and some of the little familiar things too.  It is focused more on the downtown and area (so not on the housing developments like where we live), but of course we go there.  🙂

Also, there’s a bit of a disproportionate focus on things Oriental.  Although there certainly are many orientals in Mexico City, there’s not nearly as many as you might expect in a city this size.  There’s history behind that – not only has there been intermarriage, there was an expulsion of Chinese in the 1930s.  "Chinatown" in Mexico City consists of a gigantic 2 city blocks.  So let’s face it, Mexico City is simply not known for its Chinese food.

Perhaps there are more Japanese, though the majority speak Spanish.  I imagine this video was made especially to bring tourists from the east…

But that’s an aside – this video will give you some great glimpses of the city – here it is!

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