Is Jesus God? (part 2)

by Jim on 21 June 2010

This is a follow-up from my post from last week, Is Jesus God?.

It’s interesting how, in the New Testament, the apostles felt they could quite freely mix and match Jesus and the God of the Old Testament.  It’s fascinating to realize that Jesus is a part of the Triune God was acting in the Old Testament, from the dawn of Creation.

This simple list points out some interesting comparisons between "God" and "Jesus" in the Bible.  Now some such comparisons have been a matter of debate – we can certainly talk about that in the comments.  But I think, if nothing else, the list points out the way that Jesus is frequently equated with the Almighty God.

It’s interesting to compare what different books hundreds of years apart have to say.  But it’s also interesting when the same author, sometimes even in the same book, describes both God and Jesus in the same way (ie Colossians!).

God Jesus
Lord of Lords Deut 10:17 Rev 17:14
Life-giver Deut 32:39 John 11:25
Omniscient (all-knowing) 1Kin 8:23, 39 John 21:17; 2:25
Judge Rom 14:10-12; Psa 96:12-13 John 5:22
Controls elements Psa 107:28-29 Mat 8:26
Omnipresent Psa 139:4-8 Mat 28:20
Everlasting Kingdom Psa 146:10 2Pet 1:11
Mighty God Isa 10:21; Jer 32:18 Isa 9:6
Only Saviour Isa 43:11; Luk 1:47 John 4:42; Luk 2:11
The King Isa 43:15 Rev 17:14
First and Last Isa 44:6 Rev 2:8
Alpha and Omega Rev 1:8 Rev 22:12-16, 20
Husband Hos 2:16 2Cor 11:2
Unchanging Mal 3:6 Heb 13:8
Giver of undeserved kindness/grace Gal 1:15 Gal 6:18, 1:6
Deliverer Col 1:13 1Thes 1:10
Author of the Word Col 1:25 Col 3:16
Faith toward… 1Thes 1:8 Gal 3:22
Raised Jesus 1Thes 1:9,10 John 2:19-21

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