Closing Program December 2012 (video)

by Jim on 10 December 2012

Below are a few clips from the closing program for the Centro Cultural Tiempo de Vivir (Time to Live Cultural Centre) this past Friday.

The program went well and we had a very good turnout.  You’ll see some of the art that was on display before the program, and then some of the program itself.  A good portion of the program was presentations by students, and handing out certificates.

Although we had a good crowd, we were disappointed that more people didn’t come to receive the wheelchairs.  I think we presented three chairs, when we were planning to give out twenty.  However, the chairs will be given out in separate presentations this week.

All in all a good program – a lot of people worked hard to make it happen, there was great participation from many more in the program, and a great devotional by guest Antonio Muñoz.

Thanks to all who were praying!

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