Quick Prayer Request – 21 August 2012

by Jim on 21 August 2012

Hi everyone!  I’m just stopping by to ask you to pray about some mail that we’re waiting for. :)

We’re actually waiting to be reimbursed for some expenses, and we’re praying that the money will come before the end of the month (the sooner the better!).  Would you pray with us?

We’re expecting some big expenses in the next couple of weeks, most notably expenses related to getting our visas.  There are also some expenses with Hannah and Nathanael starting the school year – some of that should be reimbursed as well, but it won’t be for a while.

If you’re praying, you could also pray for our Bible studies tonight!  I’m looking forward to talking about a great topic – as I mentioned yesterday – the Holy Spirit!  What a difference it would make if we were filled with the Spirit as we face the challenges God brings our way!

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