Violin Class

by Jim on 21 January 2012

Every Saturday morning at the community centre – starting today – there are music classes.  This morning some of the students were on a trip (lots of people from the church went to some really cool caves today), so there were only a couple of students practising violin.

We took Brittany so that she could take some pictures, and I wanted to take a few as well.

At the last minute I couldn’t find my camera (which I had carefully hid right in front of my nose), so it was an iPod-only photo shoot for me.

Here are the girls and their teacher…

Violin Classes

Incidentally, this was taken with the Hipstamatic app, of which I am a huge fan.  I used the Jimmy lens and Claunch 72 Monochrome film with no flash.  If you have the app, you’ll know what I mean.

I’m attempting to take and post 30 photos in 30 days.  I think this was day 11, but I could be wrong.

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