What a Fun way to Help the Community!

by Jim on 9 June 2012

A while ago we were introduced to a new mission, known as Operation Blessing.  They were in this part of Mexico getting wheelchairs for those in need of them.

The cost of a wheelchair can be inaccessible for many here.  So Operation Blessing has come up with an interesting idea.  Create wheelchairs that can easily be transported, then put together.  They’re more or less a plastic deck chair attached to bike tires!

They charge only about $11 per chair – that’s right, CA$11 (about the same in $US).  If you’ve paid for a wheelchair, you might be thinking I left off a couple of zeros – but no, you read right.

All they ask is that the chairs be given to someone with genuine need, and that we provide some basic info about where they went.

So – could we do this here?  Would there be any need in our area?

Some checking was done – and there was a surprising response.  Yes – we could use a LOT of chairs!

Right across from our community centre is a special needs school.  That school alone is asking for 20 chairs.  We already know of at least five more people (we’re only talking about the community of Jesús María) that are in need.

Wheelchairs in Ixtapaluca

What a fun way to give to the community!

On Friday night we’re going to present 10 chairs.  Then we hope to get at least 15 more chairs for the others we’re heard from so far.

I saw two of the already assembled chairs today.  Obviously they’re very basic, but they’re surprisingly sturdy.  Being so basic, we’re able to provide them to those who need them!

Would you like to help?  Seriously, $11 or $12 per chair will do it.  Contact us right away if you’re interested.

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