Missionary Family: Quick Prayer Requests

by Jim on 27 September 2017

Mexico flag on brick wallWe’re meeting with the Camino Global missionaries this week, and so I have some related prayer requests to share.

We have a new missionary family who had a rough night last night. They have three young kids who were quite sick last night, and so they had to go home to Puebla today. So we would appreciate your prayers for them.

Last night was . . . well, LOUD. There was a major thunderstorm here. And the house of another missionary family was flooded. It looks like there will be some loss, and a whole lot of mess. So you could pray for them as they assess the damage, try to get the water out of the house, and start cleaning up. Various others are taking turns going out to the house to help them out today.

Keep praying for our team member who is recovering from cancer treatment and surgery (earlier this month). She and her husband are missing the conference as well.

Although conversations have already been going on, we hope to meet more formally tomorrow with quite a few other missionaries to discuss next steps in earthquake/hurricane relief here in Mexico. Between the missionaries and our networks of churches, we have some interesting contacts. So together, we should be able to make better and wiser decisions.

We’re thankful to see how God has already been working through this situation. But do pray that God would give us wisdom as we meet.

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Gram September 28, 2017 at 11:48 pm

Sorry to hear those three families couldn’t be there, especially the new missionary family.
Praying that the Lord will continue to guide you in your relief work. And that funds will come in for needed supplies.

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