People Under Construction

by Jim on 3 August 2017

Yesterday Shari and Hannah were in the community of Jesús María, lending a hand at the kids’ club that the church is putting on this week. Quite a crowd, as you can see!

Under Construction Kids' Club
More construction at the kids' clubThe theme of the year is “Under Construction”, and so there are lots of hard hats and safety vests to be seen. Yesterday, a large group from the power company happened to be meeting right by the club, getting ready to do some repairs. So some people from the church invited a few of them over to stand at the front while the kids sang one of their songs – adding an extra “construction ambience”, and hopefully being a bit of a witness to the workers too! 🙂

Moms under construction
As is often the case, there was a little class for the Moms who were hanging around. Shari joined them toward the end, and had a good chance to talk with them.
There are so many challenges that people (including Moms!) go through, and it’s hard to see them struggling to find answers without really knowing Christ. Please pray that God would work in their lives, so that they would accept God’s gift!

And please pray for the church and for the kids as they continue to learn about the Lord today and tomorrow!

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