A Prayer Request, and Remembering a Friend

26 July 2017 Prayer and Praise

A friend and fellow missionary just passed away. From what we know so far, Jim Eberline passed away Monday night, very suddenly. He was 67. The prayer request first. Jim was in Guatemala at home. He had been in a video conference that morning, and appeared fine. His wife was in the USA. So do […]

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What You and Your Missionary Have in Common

18 July 2017 Devotional and Bible

As we listened to and talked to many short term missionaries over the summer, I was reminded again of the fact that we are all in this together, and that we all have the same challenge to face. Sure, we all have different lives, but it’s the hard thing that we all have to do […]

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Finishing 45 Bible Studies …

15 July 2017 Devotional and Bible

Last night we finished up a series of 45 Bible studies. We did the Chronological Bible Study (15 lessons) and then Discovering Life (15 lessons) and Discovering Life 2 (15 lessons). No one has been there for all of them – but I think everyone has learned a little something. 🙂 We actually spent two […]

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Retro: Hanging Stephanie

14 July 2017 Just for fun

10 years ago today – a birthday party in Cuernavaca! It was time for the piñata, but the birthday girl (in pink in the front of the line) would need a lot of convincing before she would actually start walloping “Stephanie”. It was 2007 – and in Mexico, LazyTown was all the rage. The piñata […]

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A Month of Short Term Teams Ends!

11 July 2017 Ministry glimpses

We have reached the end of a month filled with short term teams! How can I sum it all up? Impossible. I did show you a few photos from the Mt. Calvary Team’s first few days. I also wrote a bit more about their trip and the upcoming team here. You actually saw a video […]

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Hannah Heads to Camp

10 July 2017 Family

Today Hannah will be heading to camp, along with 8 other youth from our church. They’re going to the Word of Life camp which is north of Mexico City in the state of Querétaro. She’ll be gone for a week, so I’m sure she would appreciate your prayers (and her parents would too!). 🙂 Do […]

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