Retro: Hummingbird Feeder (video)

6 June 2017 Family

Last month I hit the jackpot. For whatever reason, years ago, we lost most of our pictures and videos from 2007. Usually we’re pretty obsessive about backing up pictures, but I searched everywhere for months and was only able to find the odd file. But, amazingly enough, I found the pictures on an old drive […]

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Some days are like that.

6 June 2017 Practical matters

The day started when I contacted tech support. It’s just a small issue I’ve been meaning to deal with on the computer. Actually, I was thinking of getting the oven/stove in for repairs today. It’s being held together (literally) with tape. Alas, first we discovered that the fridge was getting warmer … and warming … […]

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Last 90 Days Most Popular Posts (31 May 2017)

31 May 2017 Popular posts

Just a quick review of the last few months if you would like to catch up on what’s been going on. The posts are in chronological order, starting with the 3rd of March. These are the most visited posts, with the three most popular in bold. A Glimpse of 3 Churches Not a “Safe Space” […]

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The Bible Teacher’s Guilty Confession (and some upcoming events)

25 May 2017 Ministry glimpses

I’m such a bad Bible study leader. Do you know what I did? I’m so ashamed. For our Bible study passage we … we … we opened the Bible at random. I know, I know. Actually, it’s not quite as bad as it sounds. We had just finished a two part study on how to […]

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Jim’s Recent Tweets…

20 May 2017 Twitter

Jim’s tweets from 13-05-2017 to 19-05-2017:

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A Verified Vehicle

16 May 2017 Practical matters

It took the better part of yet another day. And there were many more strange and bizarre adventures as I talked to many different officials. And I’m just not going to waste your time with all the details. But at the end of the day (yesterday), we had a verified vehicle. With license plates. So […]

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