by Jim on 25 October 2004

Here in Southern Ontario we’ve been able to enjoy some time with relatives, among other things.  During the last couple of weeks we’ve visited an Aunt and Uncle, cousins on Shari’s side, Shari’s grandma, cousins on Jim’s side, cousins on Shari’s side, more cousins on Jim’s side, cousins on Shari’s side, cousins on Jim’s side, more cousins on Jim’s side, even more cousins on Jim’s side (etc etc) and Shari’s grandparents.  Later this week we hope to see Jim’s aunt, among other family and non-family members.

Phew!  I didn’t realize there were so many until I wrote it all out like that!  But we are very blessed to have such a great group of people to be related to.  They say you can’t choose your relatives, but I think we would have been happy to choose these ones if we could.  Of course, the problem is that with so many people to see, there simply isn’t enough time to see everyone, or to spend the time with them that you would like to.

On the weekend I will be driving to Cochrane (about 10 hours’ drive or so) to speak at the First Baptist Church there.  I was invited when we were up there earlier this month, so we decided that I would take the trip back.  Then we’ll be all together again back in Southern Ontario for the month of November.

We’re all still pretty tired, but we’ve been blessed with a place to stay for a couple of weeks at a mission home belonging to the Christian Blind Mission.  It will be nice to have a place to be semi-settled, and hopefully we can find some time to catch up on a little sleep.  Nathanael certainly seems to do better when he has more than one night in the same place.

We’re having some trouble getting things booked and planned for the next few weeks (after this week, which is doing nicely), but I imagine it will come together over the next few days (although I guess I’ve been saying that for a few weeks now!).  What can I say?  Stay tuned…

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