The birth of Nathanael

by Jim on 18 May 2004

There are so many stories to tell, I think I’ll have to use more than one blog entry! But I’ll start with the one that many of you probably want to hear first – the story about the birth of Nathanael.

You may be interested to know, by the way, the results of the poll we ran on our website. We were asking you to guess if the new baby would be a boy or a girl. Well, it was neck and neck right until the end – and actually, it ended in a tie. So you were no help at all! ;)

As you probably know, we were in the middle of moving (I’ll tell that story in another entry). No, don’t worry…we didn’t make Shari move anything heavier than a couch or a freezer. Just kidding! She wasn’t moving anything. Anyway, we were in the midst of moving and so forth on Friday. In the evening Shari called the hospital, and they asked her to come in for an exam just to see where things were at. Since she was never in labour with Hannah, she wasn’t sure what to expect.

I took Hannah over to some friends to stay, and then returned to pick up Shari. It was around 8pm that we were at the hospital. Shari was examined, and was far enough along that they decided to keep her there. Nothing had changed too much for hours, but at 11pm things did start to change, and Nathanael William was born at 1:55am (see the other details here). Things went very fast (everyone was quite surprised…we figured he’d be born around 5am or 6am). But he was quite healthy and alert, and we were able to enjoy some time with him right away.

Then they took us to Shari and Nathanael’s new room. By that time, surprise surprise, we were pretty tired! Especially since we had a day of moving before all this even started. I wasn’t even sure I’d have the energy to drive home, but eventually I recovered my senses and went home for two hours of sleep. I took Hannah to see Mom and Nathanael later that day. (You can see a picture of Hannah and Nathanael from that time here)

So that’s the very basic story! Everyone is doing well. Hannah is very proud of her new brother, and has been a help. Shari is far from 100% but is recovering well and came home on Saturday afternoon. And more will come clear when I have a chance to do another blog entry. (This is kind of like The Rest Of The Story!)

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