Life is just a bowl of JELLO

by Jim on 31 January 2005

The last week or two have been pretty difficult around here.  Sickness did its spin around the house, so far with only Nathanael escaping.  We had the thought that if we could teach him to do the cooking, cleaning, phoning, paperwork and all the other things that need to be done, that we’d be all set!  But we decided to let him be a kid for a while.

Even today I’m trying to do some work in short bursts, because I’m having trouble sitting up for too long a period of time.  Hannah seems to be more or less better, and Shari is getting there.

We’ve been very busy with ministry related things, and also have had some challenges with the children – I’ll leave it at that rather than taking 12 pages to explain!  But I will tell you about one of the more dramatic yet less serious mini-disasters from the last few days.

On Friday, Shari and I were both not feeling well.  We ended up having a busy day anyway, and by the evening we were both very tired.  I decided I was going to get Hannah to bed early so that we could all get to bed early.  I thought I would motivate Hannah to get ready quickly by making a simple JELLO recipe with her.  She likes to cook.

Everything was going great.  We were right on schedule, until we got to the Tupperware JELLO mold.  I had forgotten that this particular recipe used Coca-Cola.  Did I get all the fizz out of the Coke before I put it in a sealed Tupperware JELLO mold, you ask?  Well…er…in my weakened condition it wasn’t until the next day that I actually made the connection.

I wouldn’t say it was an explosion.  Basically, the bottom fell out of the JELLO mold.  Yes, it would be an exaggeration to say that purple JELLO was everywhere.  But it was under the sink, on the kitchen floor, on the hall carpet, on my pants, sweater, socks and shirt, on the stove and fridge, in the fridge, on the counter, on food cannisters, on cupboards, and under appliances.

So my late evening was spent scrubbing out clothes (thank you, Shout), mopping several times (it’s still a little sticky down there), scrubbing various things in the kitchen, and cleaning our carpet (pour club soda on the stains – it works wonders.  This is a Queen of Clean tip.)  Needless to say, this was not an early night for us!

On another note, the next day we finally made the JELLO.  It turned out very well, after we learned not to seal it in a JELLO mold.  If you want to try it, check out the recipe I’ve included in the extended text…

Jim’s Coke-Berry Blast JELLO

1 can pitted cherries (your choice)
2 packages of berry or cherry JELLO (I used Black Berry and Sparkling Mixed Berry I think)
Boiling Water

Mix the two packages of JELLO with 1 1/2 cups of boiling water until the JELLO is dissolved.  Let stand for 10-15 minutes.  Pour the cherry juice from the can into a measuring cup.  Add ice-cold Coca-Cola to make 2 1/2 cups.  Add to the mixture and stir gently.  Add pitted cherries, and chill about 4 hours.  Remember, don’t even think about putting this in a sealed JELLO Tupperware mold.  You’ll regret it. 😥

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