Church Property Robbed – Again.

by Jim on 22 September 2014

The Window

This is the only window leading into the building where we meet for worship services.  As you can see, the bars are pretty thick.

But if you were small … like, a child … you would be able to fit through.  It would be a bit of a drop, but with help you could do it.  And pass things out to your accomplices.

Well, looks like that’s about what happened.

I think this is the second time the property has been robbed since we came back to Mexico at the end of July, but this is the first time the building has been broken into.

Hundreds of dollars worth of things were stolen, including a video projector, the majority of our microphones and cables, including costly power cords.  Tools belonging to members of the church were also taken.  Whatever would fit through those little squares.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – they did take the time to detach and remove the sink that was outside by our temporary bathrooms.  Yes, even the sink was stolen.

So throughout the weekend we’ve been talking about options to up the security.  None of the options are easy or inexpensive.  But we have to do something.

When we arrived at the Sunday service, I was wondering if we would stand around the room singing like the Whos in Whoville after the Grinch stole all the Christmas trimmings (Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small, Was singing! Without any presents at all!).  But actually a few bits and pieces came from somewhere – even a video projector someone borrowed from work. 🙂

In fact, we weren’t talking about the robbery at all.  Everyone was talking about the Holy Spirit, and how we can better serve each other, and things like that.  Imagine!

Finally, at the very end, we did take the time to pray for the thieves.

Right on.

We would appreciate your prayers as we try to replace some of the things that were lost and try to move toward a building which is more complete and secure.  (By the way, don’t forget we’re still raising funds for the building here.  As I write we’re about 90% finished)

Just another reminder that we’re in the world.  And it’s the world we’re reaching out to.  We’re not angels reaching out to other angels the next cloud over.  But sinners reaching out to sinners.

With a God far more powerful and good than any of us.

Hear more from Rod’s perspective in Theft and Missions

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Grandma C. September 23, 2014 at 12:09 am

This news of yet another robbery is distressing. However, your blog and Rod’s “Theft and Missions” puts a positive and biblical spin on it.This brought to mind an article I just read called “The Strength of Weakness”, an excerpt from “The Power of Weakness” by Dan Schaeffer. So contrary to our world’s emphasis on “physical strength, physical resources, or demonstrations of explosive potential”.

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