Pineapples and earthships

by Jim on 25 October 2005

It’s amazing how people get connected.  Back in ’93-’94, we were living with a team in Mexico City.  One girl on the team knew that her boyfriend had a cousin that was a missionary – he lived somewhere in Mexico – but she didn’t know where or how to find him.

This was back in the old days when even a phone call to Canada was a challenge.  Besides, we were so busy there wasn’t much chance we’d have time to connect.  But in the largest city on the planet, we happened to bump into him on the Mexico City Metro.  What were the chances?  And now, the girl (Shelli) and her boyfriend-now-husband are missionaries in Mexico themselves, where his cousin had worked.

It’s amazing how people find this website.  Thanks to website stats, I can see what words people use to find the site.  Unfortunately, I can’t see which words go together, which does make a difference.  But I temporarily installed another stat service so that I could see phrases as well.

People that find us in search engines usually are searching for things like “Cottrill”, and sometimes names in our family trees, like Fretz or Winger.  But here are some more unusual words:

  • picture of a septagon (I don’t think I have one of those – or do I?)
  • how many people drink sprite (don’t know that either…good question, though)
  • proverbs 16:9 (ok, that one makes sense)
  • joshua hit the battle of jericho (no, it wasn’t my typo – I just happened to have the word hit in the article.)
  • pictures of compass
  • christian blogs, missions
  • maroon color (actually, yes, I am an expert on that, but in Canada it’s colour)
  • journal entries on family issues (yes, we have a lot of issues, as long as you’re not looking for solutions!)
  • pictures of earthships (pictures of what?!)
  • radioshack in canada
  • how to peel a pineapple
  • Here are some popular words – they may be a part of a phrase, but I have no way of knowing:

  • screensavers
  • missionary
  • zooplay (what is that?)
  • taxco (ah yes, the silver city in Mexico!)
  • Quite a few people have come here to find out how to peel or slice a pineapple, and in this case I do have the answer.  It’s amazing how many people continue to come here just to learn that.  This week I got a nice email from someone who was looking for that very information.  They also happen to know the Lord, and so they told me a bit about their ministry.

    You just never know how people will become connected!

    This entry was inspired by Andrew Coming’s much more hilarious post here. 🙂

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