Best of Finding direction

New to Finding direction?  Or just want to read more?  Here’s your chance to read some of the best posts from October 2002 until September 2012!

These were chosen based on a number of factors – first, some are the most popular with our visitors.  Others are ones I like, or ones that are representative of the category.  But please note – these are not intended to give a balanced view of each category!

I tried to keep them to around 10-15 each, but I fudged quite a bit as you’ll see.

The lists are are in chronological order (newest last).  The posts in bold are posts that have been especially popular with our visitors.

Best of Experiences in Mexico

Best of Mexico Country & Culture

See also 30 Photos in 30 Days – Overview for many photos related to Mexican culture.

Best of Missions

Best of Devotional & Bible

See also 30 Verses in Spanish – Review! for thoughts on 30 important verses you can memorize (in English or Spanish!).

Best of Ministry

Best of History

The Best of Kids

The Best of the Rest